Through the years, your AC system in Lakeside heating and air-conditioningCalifornia may malfunction due to wear and tear, poor maintenance, extreme weather change and overuse. In these cases, your cooling cost may be too high or expensive.

Most business owners and homeowners in the Lakeside area do not notice the problem for months or even years. They just get surprise every time they receive their utility bills each month. You do not have to suffer from the same misery. You can get your air conditioning repair from MPAC.

Why Choose MPAC Contractor


Our Lakeside heating and air-conditioning AC repair technicians are the cream of the crop, and many of them have years of AC tune up and installation experience. We work on all AC brands, as we keep ourselves updated with the current changes and trends in the business to keep you satisfied.

Cost Effectiveness

Our team can offer financing to help you with the repair, tune up or installation. Talk to our staff to know more about it. We can also give you an air conditioning estimate and quotes to provide you a clear picture on how much to spend on the project.
Our company offers upfront pricing without any hidden cost. If you want an honest and cost effective means of fixing an AC problem, there is no other company to call but MPAC.


Our local and family-owned business has been around since 1987. We’re one of the pioneers in Lakeside heating and air-conditioning service, repair, so you can depend on an expert and professional service that offers NO GUESSWORK. We’re your one-stop solutions for all types of AC systems upgrades, repairs, installations and check ups.

Emergency Services

Our company will not sleep on your needs, as we offer our air conditioning help in Lakeside 24/7/365. You do not have to wait another day to solve an AC issue. With us, no job is too small or too big to be done within the same day. Save time and end any air conditioning issue right away.

Only the Experts Do Air Con Best!

MPAC is your honest, reliable and quality service providers in the Lakeside area. With us, you are in safe hands. Do not hesitate getting in touch with us for any inquiries, concerns, suggestions, financing information and estimates.


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